Retracing Iron ore mines of Ghattipura-Buchanan’s Journey

On 13th June 1800 -I went to Magadi, which in our maps  is called “Maghery” on my way I examined some iron forges, of which there are many in this hilly tract of country. The iron is made partly from the black sand which is found in the rainy season in the channel of all the torrents of in the country; partly from an ore which is found at Ghattipura,two cosses from Magadi.


Much steel was formerly made at Ghettipura,from whence it derive its name ,which signifies latterly hard town.

It is a small village situated by W.S.W from Savana-Durga, and it distant from Magadi about seven miles. Near  it are many cultivated fields intermixed with low rocky hills. The ore is found both in fields and hills.


Francis Buchanan

A Journey from Madras through the Countries of Mysore, Malabar & Canada


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