Pala Biscuit – It’s a Unique type of Biscuit, not Unibic!

The Malabar region of Kerala is famous for its Bakery savories and there is no region India that can produce a cake like softy, rich & delicious.

From present Bakery chains like Cochin Bakery, Varier bakery, Thalassery bakery, Best bakery to Ayyappa bakeries all these bakeries are owned by a North Keralites.

The credit of introducing Bakeries in the Kerala goes to Mambally  Royal Biscuit factory of Thalassery & it’s the first Bakery establishment in Kerala.

The long menu list  goes with varieties of Cakes,Pastries, biscuits to traditional snacks.

Plumcake, Black forest cake, Ghee cake, varieties of Pastries, famous Calicut halwa, Butter beans, nutty bonanza, Caramel cake, Buttermilk biscuit, Cookies   to traditional savories like Unnakya, Uniyappam, Ulivada, Kinnathappam  and many.

Along with this one special biscuit that nobody aware except Thalasserikaran’s


It’s means in Malayalam: PALA – Wooden plank (A wood plank used in the olden days to sit for having meals) because of its hardness and shape the baker named it as PALA BISCUIT.

Because of its little bit of hardness, you can’t taste it as directly instead you can enjoy this biscuit with a Cup of Black/Milk tea.

When my bestie told about this unique specialty of biscuit, I was enthusiastically to taste it.

Finally, I got a few packs of biscuits it was a little rectangular parcel,wrapped in old news paper with neatly packed.

I tried it directly  without dipping in tea, got successful in the first trial  and thankful to Namboodiri’s tooth powder for keeping my teeth’s stronger😁

The biscuit prepared from fine flour of Maida only and no sugar/salt ingredients.

 I’m very thankful to my bestie who shared a distinctive type of Biscuit.

So when you are at Thalssery don’t miss this Unique type of biscuit slice with a cup of tea.

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