Hanuman Gundi Falls, in the nestle of Kudremukha National forest of Western Ghats

Hanumangundi falls also knowns as Suthanabbe falls it’s located in the nestling of a lush evergreen forest of Kudremukha forest region of Western Ghats.

The falls in it’s glory..

It is situated 79Kms from Mangalore and it’s very near to Sringeri a main pilgrimage center of this region located in the district of Chickmagalur. You will get this falls while you driving towards Sringeri from the Karkala-Bajagoli junction.

Hanumanagundi (ಹನುಮನಗುಂಡಿ)

It means in Kannada -Hanuman(Hindu Deity) & Gundi refers to the steep in the valley.

There are about 380 well-laid steps to reach the falls after a little walk from the main road in the serene green location.

The white gushing of waterfalls from a height of 100 feet height in the green forest and it’s one of the beautiful waterfalls in the Western Ghats.

The falls are maintained by the Forest dept of Karkala region and entry fees are charged at the entrance.

You can explore this region along with other Adventure places like Kudremukha peak, Sirimanefalls, Gangamoola (Origin to 3 major river’s source)

Where to Stay?

  • Sringeri (36.6 Kms)
  • Kalasa (38.7 Kms)
  • Karkala (32.4 km)

Best Time to Visit: August to November

(Note: The entry prohibited during monsoons as safety concerns by Forest dept)


  • Consumption of Alcohol near the waterfalls or the surrounding area is not allowed
  • Kindly pack the food items if required as there are no Hotels/Restaurants near it.
  • The Rocks are sharp & slippery at the waterfalls, so please take care .

Please maintain a Silence and Clean , as this falls under Reserve forest a place for the rare Animals of Western-ghats of India.

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