St Marys Island (Coconut Island)

St Mary’s island comprises a small group of islands situated in the Arabian sea off the coast of Malpe, a major fishing harbour of Karnataka.

As already mentioned, it is a small, tiny islets groups and prominent among them are:

  • Coconut Island
  • Northern Island
  • Darya Bahadurgarh Island &
  • South Island

The stones on this island are very distinctive in nature and consists entirely of flat -lying under formed high silica rhyolites (Igneous rock)  as this formed due to the Volcanic activity associated with the break-up of Greater India (India & Seychelles) and eastern part of Madagascar that got rifted a millions of years  ago.

How this island got name as St Mary’s?

Image source:The lendas da india of Gaspar correa

It is believed that Vasco-da-Gama landed on this island on his journey from Kingdom of Portugal to find a sea route to (Calicut)India moving towards a Calicut, landed here and named this island as “Santa Maria”.

But there is no evidence or written documents for the above statement.

Image source:The lendas da india of Gaspar correa

Actually from the Book The Three voyages of Vasco-da-Gama and , his Vice royalty: from “The lendas da india of Gaspar Correa 16th Century AD

Mentioned: “Vasco da Gama on leaving Calicut he went to a small island close to the coast their he landmarked and named the island as “Santa Maria” and further he carried his voyage to Goa.

Out of the four islands, the coconut island with high elevated compared to others with few coconut trees.

The sunset from this island is beautiful smoothens your eyes with tranquil vibrant colours.

It is a perfect weekend trip location for the family and can be access through a passenger boat from the Malpe harbour.

On the seashore of the Malpe is a famous Vadabandeshwara temple dedicated to Shri Balarama, it is believed that the idols of Lord Sri Krishna & Balaram brought by St Madhwa from Dwaraka.

He installed Balarama in Vadabhandeshwara and carried Krishna idol to Udupi.

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